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Welcome to Coastal Catch Ups

Exploring the challenges and opportunities around 

our coastline

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My name is Sam and I have been a user of our coasts for almost all of my life.


I am particularly interested in the relationship between humans and the coast, focusing on sustainability.


Particularly as the coast gives us so much from open spaces to play and relax, climate mitigation, food and much more. As well as being accessible to most people around the world.


I decided to start Coastal Catch Ups in 2023 as I wanted to merge my passion for the coastal world with the joy I get from speaking with people.


It is my view humans and nature can co-exist if knowledge is shared and a balance of needs is struck.

Guests on the podcast include anyone who works or plays near the coast, which covers a wide variety of interesting people.

I hope you enjoy the podcasts, learn something new, and get inspired. 

Sam P x


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